About Iclimb

Iclimb was founded at 2002. We are the biggest climbing gym company in Israel, and as of today we own most of the climbing gyms here. Our goal is to lead and develop indoor climbing in Israel.

We want to promote climbing while expanding the climbing community, achieving international goals and making climbing accessible to all.

Today we run six climbing gyms all over Israel and in the next few months we plan to open two more climbing gyms.


Our gyms are designed in the most professional manner, to ensure a unique climbing experience in each gym.

In our gyms you can lead climb, boulder, top rope and use an auto-belay. In addition we offer a special climbing experience for kids, so come and try our Funtopia facilities. 


Our adventure parks offer many activities all preformed high in the air. We have different obstacles in different levels of difficulty, thus each participant can find the best way for him or her through the park. 

In each of our facilities we offer classes, courses, competitions, special events birthdays and much more.   

So if you want to climb, stay fit or even just to have fun, come and visit us in one of our gyms or parks.


Iclimb Jerusalem

Address: Teddy Stadium, David Ayalon St 1, Jerusalem
Phone number: 02-6482264
Find us on Facebook: iclimb jerusalem

Iclimb Ashkelon

coming soon!

Iclimb Rishon Lezion

Address: Nadav Baskind St 12, Rishon LeTsiyon
Phone number: 03-6121109
Find us on Facebook: iclimb rishon

Iclimb Tel Aviv

Address: Rokach Blvd 42, Yarkon Park, Tel aviv.
Phone number: 050-2137099
Find us on Facebook: iclimb TLV.

Iclimb Kfar Saba

Address:  HaTa’as St 16, Kfar Saba
Phone number: 09-7749223
Find us on Facebook: Boulderland Israel. 

Iclimb HaOgen

Address: HaOgen
Phone number: 050-8884776
Find us on Facebook: iclimb haogen

Iclimb Haifa

coming soon!

Iclimb adventure park Ma'alot

Address: Ha-Vered St 65, Ma’alot Tarshiha
Phone number: 050-5862966
Find us on Facebook: iclimb maalot 

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